About AMS

Our mission is to provide the global electronic dance music industry new and exciting talent from Amsterdam and beyond. We guide talent from our exclusive roster to the next level, always pushing boundaries and having a focus on growing them globally.

AMS Bookings is a boutique talent agency and started in 1999 with Amsterdam based DJ's and live acts. Since the millennium AMS Bookings has put extra focus on the Asian continent, booking and touring AMS artists in China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South-Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and beyond. Therefor AMS launched it's sister company AMSbookings.ASIA to service Asian clubs and festivals with the best talents from Europe and Asia. In chronological order our current AMS roster:

The first DJ that joined AMS Bookings in 1999 is Amsterdam based DJ, producer, composer and musician Mason. With a #1 UK hit under his belt, and many more successful records in the over- and underground, Mason released records on the worlds finest labels like Island Records, Defected and Skint. He is also running his own boutique label Animal Language, with affiliated parties. The boy wonder has toured 50+ countries around the world and is just getting started.

Next to the new breed of Dutch talents in The Netherlands, neighbour country Belgium is renowned for its musical taste and pushing exciting new music genres forward. When AMS Bookings signed Dr. Lektroluv, he already passed a decade of successful shows. First as a techno DJ and later on as this mystic artist bringing a new genre to the forefront, disguised as a doctor who loves electro. It's timeless music and fans from every corner still go nuts when feeling the energy of the sound once the green masked doctor appears on stage and blows the roof off with obscure tracks and instant classics that only he knows how to bring best.

Down in Asia, AMS Bookings discovered Nakadia in 2008. Based on the little island of Koh Samui in Thailand, Nakadia flew out to the world and by now already played in 70+ countries. She found out that techno gives her the most satisfaction, which fits her positive and loving energy on stage. She quickly got embraced in the current techno scene of today and invited to play amongst the most legendary DJ's. Being signed to Reinier Zonneveld's Filth On Acid label, as well as Carl Cox' Intech label and John Digweekd's Bedrock Records, Nakadia by now has shown her ambitions as a producer. And this is just the start, gearing up for so much more to come. 

Before techno became the next big thing, AMS Bookings signed Dutch live act and DJ Kamara, based in the raw city of Arnhem. Their sound reaches from heavy repetitive techno with ethnic undertones to more melodic yet driving tech house, inspired by the many different musical cultures they incorporate into their tracks. By now Kamara has signed to labels like Tronic, Sudbeat, Voltage Musique, Bush, Natura Viva, Proton and toured up to 40+ shows in every relevant techno club and festival in China.

It was on China Pavilion when AMSbookings.ASIA discovered this extremely talented female DJ, producer, musician and club owner Jasmine Li from Shanghai. She has all that it takes to be an all-round artist: exciting new music, solid stage performance, positive and energetic attitude and 12 years of playing her Chinese pipa instrument. With this, she brings on a very unique sound that she blends into her tracks and live sets with Silverlining, which she runs with the New York DJ, producer and label owner Ebar.

The final DJ-signing in 2019 is Blake Baxter, Detroit house and techno pioneer with a reputation for producing steamy, deep, whispering electronic music. He has been releasing music on a wide variety of relevant labels since the mid '80s and runs a full analogue live act. Over the past decades, Blake Baxter has so much love and experience in both house and more classic early 90's dance music that he decided to combine both. By releasing tough techno beats with his softer vocals and disco samples, introducing a techy house style that's blended with a very danceable twist.

The Ultimate Thriller (TUT) is a non-dance act that AMS Bookings represents exclusively. It's The Ultimate Tribute to Michael Jackson globally: THE Michael Jackson LIVE Concert Experience Tribute. Having Michael Jackson passed away on the 25th of June 2009, TUT continues his legacy to remember Michaels unforgettable LIVE concerts. Touring worldwide ever since with 100+ shows to provide the fans with the music, soul & spirit of MJ, on stage with the original band members, choreographers and sound engineer for a never-to-forget 2,5 hours live show.

Alex van Oostrom has the longest professional DJ career in The Netherlands with over 40 years of deejaying, doing still 75 shows a year, He started the succesful 40up events by mid 2000s which sells out in any major club and city in The Netherlands. His unique video mixing brings you back to memory lane with music to dance to from 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s & now. As Alex and The Uptown Crew live musicians and a singer join him on stage.

Since the early beginning, AMS Bookings is yearly present at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), worlds leading electronic music conference with over 2500 artists performing in 160 of Amsterdam's finest locations. In 2019 the festival welcomed 450,000 festival visitors from over 100 countries. As AMS Bookings has been focussing on Asia since the early 2000s, we invited our network of Asian festival, club and label owners, event promoters and DJ's to speak or moderate the Asian panels on ADE and share their knowledge of their market. Once AMS Bookings started to organise network and dance events on ADE with full focus on Asia, Asian talent started to get global attention and recognition by performing on stage in Amsterdam.

At ADE2016 AMSbookings.ASIA was one of the initiators of China Pavilion at ADE and hosted 10+ of China's hottest DJ's and live acts. This unique event grew bigger and bigger over the years and showcased much more Chinese talent in the Vondel CS venue with multiple area's for day panels and night events. 

At ADE2017 AMSbookings.ASIA organized several networking- and dance events with a focus on Asia, showcasing Taiwanese talents in Cinetol venue, Chinese talents in De Bajes venue, Indonesian talent in VLLA venue as well having Nakadia running her own event inviting SE Asian talents from Malaysia, Singapore and further.

At ADE2018 AMSbookings.ASIA put spotlight on South-Korea, one of the most dynamic, technically advanced and productive music markets in the world right now, organising five panels with interesting topics and speakers on their current music market in venue De Balie.

At ADE2019 AMSbookings.ASIA and SBSTRM launched Asia Konnekt: a pioneering music and business platform with offices in Amsterdam and Tokyo with the aim to create lasting links between the global and Asian electronic music and event industry.

The first initiative is their close collaboration with Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) where Asia Konnekt organised a conference program with panels and a Networking & Drinks event. Industry leaders from the Asian and global electronic dance music, event and technology industry took part in discussions on the latest trends and developments in their markets, providing unique insights into a wide variety of opportunities and challenges. In addition to facilitate connections within their network on the Asian continent, the program had a special focus on Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Asia Konnekt took place at Friday, October 18th 2019 in De Balie in Amsterdam as part of ADE Guesthouse. Presenting Partners from Asia Konnekt are Avex, Co-nectd and Spunite Productions. Asia Konnekt is initiated and organized by AMSbookings.ASIA and SBSTRM and hosts a Networking & Drinks at the end of the panel sessions with first free drinks for ADE delegates and special invites from the music and event industry.