Alex van Oostrom (40UP)

Alex van Oostrom is seen by many as the first professional Dutch DJ celebrting 5 decades of playing music for events, clubs and festivals and pioneering as the very first to mix with video and sound. Alex continues to reinvent himself to this day!

For each event he makes an appropriate choice from his broad repertoire from Soul to Disco, from Urban to House, from Latin to Reggae and from Pop to Lounge. His very unique collection of video clips consists of historical material up to and including the latest clips of today.

As one of the few DJs in the world, Alex plays with 3 large screens, showing three different clips and/or live recordings of 1 song simultaneously. Animations and other video arts are also combined with video clips and music.

His performances are therefore not only pleasing to the ear but also to the eye. And as Alex himself says: "With the showing of video images with the music there is finally entertainment for the people around the dance floor who do not dance". His many years of expertise and broad taste in music ensure that he gets his hands in the air at all types of audience and at any party.

Alex has various achievements to his name both at home and abroad. As one of the first full-time professional club DJs in The Netherlands, he made a name for himself in the 70s during the disco era. Alex van Oostrom started playing in Germany since 1981 and since 1982 in various clubs in Ibiza and Mallorca and later also in Marbella and even in Saint Petersburg.

In 1983 he founded Alex & The City Crew, the first hip-hop group in The Netherlands: a live band with breakdancers, a rapper and Alex as a DJ. The single "Say What, Say Who" is released throughout Europe with the result that the act has had many TV appearances and appearances in clubs and discos. At the end of the 80s Alex comes into contact with house music and is partly responsible for the introduction of house in The Netherlands.

He established his reputation definitively in the 90s, not only as a DJ but also as founder and organizer of the International DJ Conventions, the current Amsterdam Dance Event. Alex has also been the founder of dance magazine Update Magazine, the Dutch Dance Music Awards and the annual World DJ Championships.

After these diverse music projects, Alex van Oostrom still kept doing what his initial passion has been since the 70s: deejay’n. Combining contemporary music with the classics of the past is an art that DJ Alex van Oostrom understands like no other. He can also be admired regularly in concert with live musicians, singers and singers. Under the name Alex and the Uptown Crew, he recently toured with his singer, saxophonist and percussionist along the big pop stages in the Netherlands with the 40UP party concept Big Bang.

Since 2006 Alex van Oostrom has been involved as co-owner and organizer in the party concept 40UP which now has grown into a club tour with around 75 sold out shows per year in the larger pop venues and theaters in The Netherlands, 4 major summer 40UP festivals and two digital 40UP radio stations.

With around 100 performances a year, Alex is still one of the most requested all-round DJs in our country. Besides the parties of 40UP and private parties at home and abroad, Alex also plays a lot at the most diverse corporate parties, festivals and other events.

Benenwerk Festival

Alex van Oostrom at Benenwerk Festival (Belgium)


DJ Alex van Oostrom Big BangTour 2017 in Tivoli-Vredenburg


40UP Festival

40UP Festival DJ Alex van Oostrom & Mavis Acquah

Paradiso - Amsterdam

DJ Alex van Oostrom 50UP Paradiso 80's Hiphop 20-1-2018