Blake Baxter

Blake Baxter is a native Detroit-er, a true pioneer when it comes to Detroit Techno and electronic dance music.

He is a passionate music producer and DJ; a part of the first wave of Detroit Techno artists/deejays and musicians from the mid-80’s. Affectionately called by his peers “The Prince of Techno” Blake’s pulse is spoken word and dance rhythms. He calls his methodology “ Poetry and Rhythm” with a blend of Detroit Techno and Chicago House music. Electronically speaking beyond the music categorizations for Blake it's Afrofuturism expressing his art spiritually thru technology.

Blake started producing music in 1985. His first productions were recorded in Chicago, originality due for release on DJ International, but his first official release was in 1987 on KMS Records in Detroit. His four track E.P. 12-inch vinyl that was compiled and remixed from some of his previous recorded productions due for release on DJ International that was released in 1988-89. on DJ International and Westside Records Jack Masters Series.

Blake was involved in four productions on "The New "Dance Sound of Detroit” the album that introduced Detroit Techno to the world; it was released on “Virgin 10 records” UK, this release was a double album with a variety of new artists from Detroit.

Notably, Blake also released music on “Underground Resistance” record label (Detroit) and “Tresor Records” (Berlin Germany) and is currently releasing music on his own record labels “Mix Records” and "Afrodesitrax" collectively under the “Mix Media Music Group” umbrella. Baxter was one of the first deejays to play house and techno music in the Detroit clubs in the mid-80’s. He was a resident DJ in downtown Detroit’s “Leland House Club” also known as “The City Club”, and for nearly five years at the “ Majestic Theater” in the early and mid 90’s.

In Berlin, Blake was a Tresor resident in the original Tresor club and still to this day you can catch a performance from Blake at Tresor. Blake Baxter "The Prince of Techno" has remained consistent in his music productions and releases since his musical journey began in Detroit and continues thus far.

Blake Baxter a Detroit trailblazer his innovation in Techno and House music sound is Tech- House. From his first release in 1987 on KMS records, Detroit with songs Body Work and “When we used to play” & Forever and a day, released on Virgin 10 record label, London. Most notable look to his 1991 (One More Time) and (Brothers gonna work it out) released on Tresor record label, Berlin and Logic records Frankfurt Germany and Logic London UK.

Both One more time and Brothers gonna work it out, productions contain Disco, Techno & House elements you can find other early examples of Blakes innovation on Disko B record label, Munich Germany, with a tune called “Our Luv” all early examples of Blake’s ability to move within the two genres and create a perfect combination of Techno and House music productions along with his unmistakable spoken word chant style flow over techno or house music releases. (Vision of you truth aka visions of you) and “When A Thought Becomes you” released in 1991 on Underground Resistance record label, Detroit. "Visions of you" later remixed and released on Ultimatum recordings London UK, in the late-90s.

Blake also released music on ESP and Go Bang records, Amsterdam NL. Fast forward to more recent noteworthy releases Abe Duque vs Blake Baxter music release on ADR, Ep number 07 “What Happen” and Systematic recordings, Dusseldorf Germany, 2005 to 2016 Marc Romboy vs Blake Baxter some or their releases. Freakin, Follow the Sound, Musik, The Art of Sound.

Blake has worked with a variety of producers over the years on musical collaborations and you can hear his unmistakable sound that comes out in every production. As a DJ Mr. Baxter continues to tour worldwide, he passionately plays to the audience and feeds off of the energy of the room taking them on a musical journey through the medium of sound spinning classic techno, house and tech house in a verifiable Detroit Deejay fashion Blake justifiably moves the crowd.

DJ Information

Since: 1985
City: Detroit
Category: Club, Special Events, Festivals
Main Genre: House, Techno,
BPM: 121 to 140
Media Type: Vinyl and Digital
Set duration: 2 to 5 hours
Equipment: Pioneer CDJ Nexus DJM Pioneer Nexus / Technic 1200 turntablesPerformance: DJ or hybrid set and live performance
Testimonials: Love 70 & 80’s music
like sleeping in hoodies & eating standing up
I’m a vegetarian all the time a vegan most of the time
Affiliations: (Mix Records, Afordisitrax) DJ International, KMS, UR, Tresor, Disko B, ADR, Systematic recordings, FOUR313
Past Residency: Majestic Theater Detroit USA 1987-91 Tresor Club Berlin Germany